Thursday, March 24, 2011

Heartwarming video

[blurb about my Flyers fan-dom below]
I stumbled across this video and I felt I had to share. The team is preparing for playoffs, but they still took the time to treat this teen like a king. I think it really says a lot about the character of the players and the organization on the whole.
As I'm quickly becoming a cranky old woman, I'm growing to resent people. This made me resent them a little less.

I'm a HUGE Philadelphia Flyers fan (hockey, people). I don't play about my hockey. I've gotten into verbal spats, playful and not so much, in bars, on Facebook, just with random friends trying to talk shit... whenever, wherever. Not because I'm some crazy who's always looking for a fight, but because I know my team and I will defend them if I have to. I'm not an asshole about it (I don't think) and I try to respect any hockey fan who is a legitimate fan of their team, rather than a bandwagon fan or just some asshole talking shit for the hell of it.

I finally had to cave and sign up for an online subscription service (that I will not name because they're extortionist assholes and I'm not giving them free publicity) to watch my games because I don't have television and Homeland Security shut down (for copyright infringement) the streaming website I was using. When I told my dad I had signed up for this service that's about $20 a month, the conversation was:
Dad: "Can you afford that?"
Me: "Yeah..."
Dad: "How?"
Me: "I guess I'll just not do laundry or... eat.. as much... or something..."
He wasn't all  that surprised. [Side note: my dad is not all up in my business. I'm a full-time college student whose parents are her primary financial support. Right now, my finances are my dad's business, too.]
That's the level I'm on.

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