Thursday, April 21, 2011


Ruff Calls Flyers "Whiners"

Hey Ruff:
1. Aaaaand what is that? WHINER.
2. The Flyers are not "whining." They are justifiably agitated that your shitty team is trying to compensate for an utter lack of skills by blatantly and SHAMELESSLY resorting to very illegal bullshit, which the incredibly biased refs always seem to magically not see or refuse to call. The Flyers are used to being hated on by the refs, but maybe they actually want to PLAY HOCKEY.
3. Cheap shots don't make your team talented. Just pathetic.
4. Tell your shitty team to stop running their mouths and start running plays. Or at least trying.
5. Don't worry about it, because the Flyers are about to eliminate you and your team.
6. You're a royal asshat.
7. You look like a French Canadian pedophile.
8. Eat me.

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