Monday, May 2, 2011

Help me fight breast cancer

I hate when people beg for donations or support for their cause, because a) it's annoying, b) it makes me NOT want to give, c) I'm not made of money, and d) usually their cause involves a specific agenda that isn't necessarily one I agree on.

However, I'm going to be that person.

I'm running the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K in support of my mother, who is a breast cancer survivor. My mom is my hero. She's quite possibly the strongest person I know. And participating in this event (she does the walk) each year has really meant a lot to her. At the end of her treatment and start of remission, it gave her hope to see the other survivors and to be recognized as a survivor.

I'm doing the run (and trust, even a 5K run is a big deal for me with my bad knees) and collecting donations. Donations will go towards research for a cure (25%) and to education, screening, and patient support grants (75%) to assist those who cannot afford care. (Cancer is expensive!) I think this is a great organization and a great event and I'm happy to support both.

So this is the part, dear reader(s), where I implore you to to donate money. I understand that times are tough and people are reluctant to give away money. Donations are tax-deductible and this is a respected non-profit. Please click the link to see my page with my personal statement and, most importantly, to DONATE.

(I realize there are set amount options that start at $25. If that's too steep for you, or you just don't like the set amounts, there is also an "enter an amount" option. Just select that and specify.)

Every little bit helps.

I'm shamelessly begging for donations despite my usual aversion to it because I really understand how important research is to finding a cure and making progress in the way cancer is treated. I also understand what a cancer diagnosis can mean for the individual and for their loved ones.
Besides, being anti-cancer is something I think we can ALL get on board with. Cancer doesn't discriminate and it's not political.

Please check out my page and donate whatever you can. I really appreciate it.

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