Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Got my thesis grade

My most sincere apologies, dear readers (all two of you, if you count the troll) as I've totally and completely dropped the ball.
I have a slew of half-written entries and planned entries, I just need to get them written or finished and published.
I'd also like to spiff this bad boy up a bit (in design but also a bit in content/names and stuff), so if you're savvy and you have some free time, let's chat.
I'm also seriously considering getting a tumblr, because apparently, that's where all the cool kids are. Whatever, I missed the memo. It would literally have all of the same content as this blog, it would just be my sad attempt to broaden my audience.
Unfortunately, the troll on the entry "Less" (not linking because I'm not encouraging. You can find it if you want to) has been eating up a lot of my online time. And the rest of my time is being consumed by the whole job hunt thing, which is a struggle as I still haven't finished my resume. (Seriously, how the fuck do I write a "profile"?! Especially when I have no relevant experience to the field/company I really really really want a job with?! And don't even get me started on a cover letter...) as well as trying to get my diet and exercise back to normal slash look mah sexy best so I can jump back into the modeling thing with fervor.

I'd also FINALLY finished my honors senior thesis recently, and I was waiting to hear back from my professor with a grade, which was slowly driving me mad. I finally heard back from her on Sunday evening, and I GOT AN A-!!!! I left a number of deafening, incoherent voicemails as soon as I found out (because OF COURSE, no one answered their phone) and tried not to freak out IN Macy's since that's where I was when I got the email on my phone.

So I'm going to post some fun tidbits from that bad boy as soon as I get a chance. My to-do lists for this blog and life are both getting out of control... sigh. Off I go to down some coffee, find some breakfast (yes, at 1145am, despite the fact that I woke up at 845am... don't judge me!), and try to dent those. I'll be posting obnoxious announcements as new entries are added.

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