Sunday, August 28, 2011

Memory Lane

[TW: Clowns]

So my mom has been on me for a few years to go through some old boxes of mine from storage that were relocated to their garage a few years ago. Among other things, I found this little gem:

This isn't from some hippie stoner phase, and it's not even something I picked out myself. It was a decoration in my room as far back as I can remember. Sure does explain a lil bit about me though. (ha)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Rick Perry

Texas Governor and GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry on abstinence-only sex education, specifically, abstinence-only education in the state of Texas, which has the third-highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation:

Mr. Perry, I think you need a refresher on the standards by which something "works" or "is working."

Not only did he NOT answer the question, he basically said, "well because this is what I WANT and because I think it works because my church sayz so, it's worth the money. Fuck facts."

[Social scientist hat on] Further, his comparison to steroids is inaccurate (on top of being irrelevant and ineffective). His argument is that it's worth it to spend money testing for steroids (rather than do nothing) since they are able to catch the small group using them, creating some change. There is no control group to demonstrate that abstinence-only education is better, even marginally better, than doing or teaching nothing, or that abstinence-only education is creating any positive change.

You cling to that delusion, Mr. Perry. You cling away.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Here's a fun fact:

I follow @InjusticeFacts on Twitter, and they tweeted this:

In a survey of Fox News viewers 48% said that African Americans and other minorities are a threat to the ‘American way of life’.
It's Twitter, so it's not like they could give a source, but all of the facts they've tweeted thus far have been accurate, to my knowledge, so I have no reason to doubt them on this.

Honestly, I'm not shocked. My reactions:

1. ...Because African Americans and other people of color aren't American?
[Their 'way of life' is also an 'American way of life']
2. What is this "American way of life" you speak of? If we're all supposed to be one monolithic group, I missed that memo. [Hint: we're SO not.]
3. "A threat"? Really? I don't see them running a 24-hour cable news channel that spews forth from its bowels alarmist propaganda and utter bullshit... ahem FOX News.
4. Tell me again how there's no widespread societal or institutional racism? [Also, suck it.]
5. What is this, 19fucking50?
6. Further proof that fanatic conservatism and racism are bed buddies... like, cousins who fuck.
7. I don't expect better from Faux News or its viewers, unfortunately.

"Post-racial society," my ass...

Monday, August 1, 2011

In the interest of keeping this a safe space, I am trying to keep the violent and pro-violence imagery to a minimum (slash leave them out entirely).
Meet my new tag.

If you've ever stepped on a Lego, you know it hurts like nothing else in the world.
I feel this is more appropriate than wishing ill or violence on someone or condoning violence.

PS I totally stole this from the interwebz and it is not my own. Totally borrowed. Just really like the idea. So we're clear.