Thursday, August 18, 2011

Here's a fun fact:

I follow @InjusticeFacts on Twitter, and they tweeted this:

In a survey of Fox News viewers 48% said that African Americans and other minorities are a threat to the ‘American way of life’.
It's Twitter, so it's not like they could give a source, but all of the facts they've tweeted thus far have been accurate, to my knowledge, so I have no reason to doubt them on this.

Honestly, I'm not shocked. My reactions:

1. ...Because African Americans and other people of color aren't American?
[Their 'way of life' is also an 'American way of life']
2. What is this "American way of life" you speak of? If we're all supposed to be one monolithic group, I missed that memo. [Hint: we're SO not.]
3. "A threat"? Really? I don't see them running a 24-hour cable news channel that spews forth from its bowels alarmist propaganda and utter bullshit... ahem FOX News.
4. Tell me again how there's no widespread societal or institutional racism? [Also, suck it.]
5. What is this, 19fucking50?
6. Further proof that fanatic conservatism and racism are bed buddies... like, cousins who fuck.
7. I don't expect better from Faux News or its viewers, unfortunately.

"Post-racial society," my ass...

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