Sunday, December 25, 2011

the "true" meaning of the holidays

Birthdays are not just days we celebrate the day someone was born, we celebrate their life and what their presence has brought to this world. 
Regardless if you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist or something in between or beyond, 
Ignore (for the moment) the fact that this day is 6 months off the supposed date,  
Whether you believe Jesus was the Son of God, a man who lived with some simple yet radical ideas, or just one story in the Hero Myth, 
If you take the message of Jesus’ life and strip it of the artifice and subversion put on by history, societies, and imperfect human beings, 
At its very core, his message has simply been this:  
Love one another.  
Fiercely, tenderly, without hesitation, holding one another in the highest regard. 
It’s that simple:  
Love one another.  
To me, that is worth celebrating, on this day and all other days. Merry Christmas.
-Ashley Krohn, posted to Facebook 12/25/2011 (quoted with permission)

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