Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy 2012

Just wanted to post SOMETHING to let everyone know that I am indeed still here and I have the best intentions of posting more frequently (and hopefully all quality content) in the new year. (Yeah, I know, "the road to hell..." and all...)

I definitely want to get (parts of) my honors senior thesis posted, because I'm pretty proud of it and I feel it should be shared. It's relevant (although getting increasingly less relevant) to mainstream culture because I focused on mainstream hip hop. For those who don't know, I'm a total hip hop head and my thesis was a rare attempt not to demonize hip hop (nor to vindicate it, per se) but to take a deeper look at what's really going on and why. That's vague, I know. It'll make more sense as I start posting. The only problem with this (other than the fact that it would be absurd to just post a 30-page thesis here) is I'm trying to get it published for real, and I need to work on spiffing up the writing. I'm hoping that the process of spiffing will lend itself to the process of sharing on the blog. So we'll see, I guess.

I'm also looking at doing sort of an offshoot of my thesis, which I don't want to talk too much about. I will say I'll need all of the legit information, music, etc. I can get on Nicki Minaj. Interviews, mixtapes, whatever. So if you can help, please do. :)

I'm planning to finish up The Lexicon, or at least finish defining what I've listed already. The half-assed attempt I have up now is just sort of sad.

I have all these big ideas and plans which sort of fall by the wayside due to an utter lack of time and/or energy. I work two jobs right now (plus some freelance work as it can be fit in) and yes, if I managed my time well, it would probably be doable. But then time management was never my strong suit. (Some of you who know me well are snorting right now. Rude.)
I'm not complaining. I know that being too busy because I'm working two jobs (albeit two part-time jobs that together still don't quite yield enough income to get by) is a situation a lot of people would LOVE to be in. And I'm grateful. I'm just shit at managing my time.

So keep an eye out, and I'll try to post links on my Facebook and Twitter when I do post something new.

Here's to big goals in 2012. Cheers.

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