Many of the "causes" that I personally support are mentioned here in the blog. I wanted to dedicate a page to them, so anyone who's interested in supporting any causes mentioned doesn't have to hunt around through my posts to find information.

[Trigger warning: I've tried to keep the descriptions listed on this page as vague/free of potentially triggering elements as possible in the interest of keeping it usable to everyone. I've also sub-divided causes into categories so that individuals may skip potentially triggering categories altogether. The very nature of some of these causes may be triggering for some, including some discussion of medical stuff, disordered eating, sexual abuse, and bullying.]

Beyond Ana and Mia: "Support for those struggling with eating disorders" This is a GREAT site that offers loving support if you are ready to recover AND if you are not ready to recover. This is NOT a Pro-Ana/Mia site, although they don't judge or condemn users of those sites or the sites themselves. Instead, they seem to offer a responsible alternative. They have accurate information, as well as more personal elements like poetry and individual's stories.

National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA): Information, resources, hotline, and support. Links to programs and events, research, how to get involved, and lots of free resources. They also sponsor National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

Be The Match Bone Marrow Registry: database of individuals willing to donate bone marrow for life-saving transplants. All you have to do is take a cheek swab and send it back to them in a prepaid envelope. If you're a match for someone in need of a life-saving transplant, they contact you. Lots more info on the site.

American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER)
Human Rights Campaign  (HRC)
It Gets Better Project
Lambda Legal
No H8 Campaign
The Trevor Project

Hollaback: Aimed at ending street harassment

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN): volunteer, resources, hotline numbers, information, etc.

Yes Means Yes: sex positive, anti-rape culture blog

National Women's Law Center: Currently running "My Health Is NOT Up For Debate" campaign in an effort to protect reproductive health care.

Planned Parenthood: Because, duh.